I am happy to announce that I am offering a limited number of one on one photo training sessions in person and via phone. A perfect way to improve your photography skills,increase your knowledge, or just tap into my passion for teaching and enjoying photography. The private classes, are completely customized, flexible, and tailor-fit for your specific needs. 

Some Topics To Explore: 

▪ Understanding your camera and its functions 

▪ Understanding ISO,Aperture, & Shutter Speed 

▪ JPEG vs. RAW 

▪ Lens selection 

▪ f-stops and shutter speeds 101 

▪ Flash Photography 

▪ Understanding your histograms 

▪ Learning to Visualize 

▪ Composition Rules, and when to break them  

▪ Rule of thirds 

I'm happy to share my knowledge about Travel, Sports, Event/Public Relation, Portrait, Street, and Wedding Photography. 

We can go and photograph places like, NY City, Duke Estates, Hoboken Terminal, Jersey Shore, Eastern State Penitentiary, Bushkill Falls. I can be persuaded to travel to such places like, Dubai, Hawaii,Venice,Taj Mahal, New Guinea, etc. With proper clearance we can shoot your kids baseball,soccer, gymnastic, dance and football games. 

Special offer for Camera Club members: $100 off the normal $599 five hour training fee  (or $75 off the $499 fee for a three hour session). 

For more info, contact me at