Operation of Your Camera  

Are you one of the many department heads who handed their staff a camera and told them to set it on “P” for professional and is wondering why the photos they are returning don't look professional?  

If you've just been given the title of in-house photographer, and your photography is struggling, our new hands-on photography class will help take your photography to the next level. This class is designed for media departments, PR departments, or those in business who may find themselves in need of taking a quick quality photo. 

I'll teach the balancing act of Focus, ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture and promise your staff will be well on their way to producing great photographs. 

We can turn an office or your conference room into our operating room where a few of the topics that will be covered is: 

• How to set up your camera  

• What camera mode to use  

• The proper way to work with your flash 

• How to increase your in focus count  

• You’ll learn what all the buttons do and how it effects your photos 

I’m dedicated to helping your team learn photography, from introductory to advanced levels. 

You can contact me for more information by email at ron@ronwyattphotos.com or call me at 732-619-9628.